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Our company, office, and team is based in the good old USA, yet our products are manufactured and shipped from our overseas fulfillment partners in Asia. In recent years we started shipping directly from our manufacturer in order for us to keep our overhead low so we can offer our customers the best prices possible and it has certainly been working out well for us.

All of our product pages feature a seamless sizing guide on them. If you are on mobile you will see the button to view our sizing guide right underneath product images on the right hand side and next to the pricing on desktop. You can also view our full on sizing chart here.

Our shipping estimates are typically between 10-22 business days after the order has been processed. But due to covid-19 our logistics partners are unfortunately experiencing some delays that are out of our control so please expect a few more days than our typical estimates. As of the tracking number as soon as our logistics partners which are usually (DHL USPS & UPS) scan the package you will get a notification in your email that it has been shipped. Once your tracking number is received you can head over to our website and track your order. You can also view our shipping tab on all of our product pages if you are looking for more information.

If you are looking for a refund you can easily reach out to our dedicated 24/7 support team at support@elkwoodleather.com and our assistants will be more than glad to help you out. However if you have already placed an order we can only accept refunds up to 12 hours after the purchase has been made and are required to charge a 15% restocking fee due to our warehousing team taking inventory down from shelves and preparing for shipments immediately after the sale.

Yes, in fact we carry both authentic genuine leather as well as high grade vegan leather products. We carry both in order to stay up to date with modern day trends. All of our products from our bags collection are true genuine cow leather, and the rest of our collections are crafted from a high grade vegan friendly material designed to look almost identical to real leather while staying ethical for our soft folks out there. 

You can contact our amazing 24/7 support team at support@elkwoodleather.com and they'll be more than glad to help you out! There is no guarantee we can make the change for you but if you can contact our team on time before your order gets shipped it should be no problem at all.

First off we are so sorry to hear you have received a defective item but thats nothing to worry about! You can contact our dedicated 24/7 support team here and they will guide you through the process of getting a replacement item sent to your address. 

If you placed an order for two or more items you may receive them separately at different times depending on what you ordered. The reason for this is because we hold certain items in different warehousing facilities along our manufacturers region for better efficiency. You will most likely be receiving the rest of your order very soon!

Yes, absolutely! We offer free worldwide shipping to all of our customers around the globe.

Yes, all of our shipments include tracking numbers. Once your order has made it through the processing department and is ready for shipment you will receive an email shortly after our shipping couriers have picked up your package and scanned the shipping label.